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Vote ‘yes' for referendum

Ron Case letter in the October 13, 2005 edition of the Eden Prairie News
Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Vote ‘yes' for referendum

Except for someone born in Eden Prairie, every other resident living in our town today made a conscious, very likely deliberative, decision to move here. The reasons people give us most often to explain their choice center around schools, parks, and general quality of life. The amenities we have come to appreciate and often take for granted did not come without a cost. In several discussions with regional Realtors, we have questioned the process that out-of-state buyers go through to find the right place to live. We've discovered that after finding out from their clients their general inclinations toward suburbs, safe neighborhoods, good schools, etc. the Realtors will offer a list of three or four communities in which to begin the search for the right house. Eden Prairie regularly makes the cut. Prospective home-buyer traffic, more than anything else, maintains our property values. What is it that will keep Eden Prairie on "the list?" Ask anyone new to Eden Prairie over the last decade why they chose Eden Prairie and again, schools, parks and general quality of life typically are the answers. Referendums are opportunities to reinvest in our community. Though a need is sometimes subjective, we believe referendums address pent-up needs that surface over time. The need may be felt by only a portion of all residents, such as youth or senior citizens, but a strong quality-of-life community offers a myriad of opportunities for all residents to experience Eden Prairie as a great place to live. We enthusiastically encourage all residents to vote yes on all four questions on the ballot this November. Let's ensure that Eden Prairie continues to be the quality community in which we chose to live and raise our families.
Ron and Kathie Case
Eden Prairie
(Ron Case is a member of the Eden Prairie City Council.)


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